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    Marco Afonso

    Open Source Web Developer


  • MapIgniter 2 - a web mapping framework powered by Laravel 5, OpenLayers3 and AngularJS (site) | (code) | (demo)
  • OSS-IEM - An Independent Evaluation Model for Open-source Software (draft)
  • NodeAdmin - an admin backoffice built with NodeJs, VueJs and Bootstrap Valid free theme (code) | (demo)
  • LaraProto - a website bootstrap powered by Laravel (code) | (demo)
  • Guess Game - a popular AI game using neural networks (demo)
  • Duality PHP Framework - a minimal PHP framework written from scratch (code)
  • BootWiki - a wiki powered by Bootstrao, Slim PHP framework and RedBeanPHP (code) | (demo)
  • Mask - a PHP template engine in one Trait (code) | (demo)
  • More... (code)

About Me

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Balancing between reduccionism and holism...

Hello, my name is Marco Afonso. A portuguese born to create things. I stop composing music at about 22 years old, now I create software, more specifically web applications.

I'm also a father of two beautifull angels - Patricia and João.

I'm living and working in Tavira, Portugal at local council, also creating web apps and giving support to desktop users.

Thanks for the visit! :)

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