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I'm in Love with React and Node!


  • db2graphql - Generate a Graphql schema and resolvers from a relational database (code)
  • FullstackJS - JS framework featuring Graphql authorization (code)
  • React Observable Store - global store to manage React application state (code)
  • MapIgniter 2 - a web mapping framework powered by Laravel 5, OpenLayers3 and AngularJS (code)
  • OSS-IEM - An Independent Evaluation Model for Open-source Software (draft)
  • More... (code)

About Me

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Balancing between reduccionism and holism...

Hello, my name is Marco Afonso. A portuguese born to create things.

Since kid, I always liked to compose things using Lego, or programming with Basic language in ZX Spectrum 128K, now I develop software, more specifically web applications.

I'm quite confortable with latest technologies like, LAMP stack or NodeJS + frontend libs/frameworks like jQuery and React.

More important than technologies, is the architeture of the projects. I'm always looking for the best software design to achieve readability and maintainability.
From readability and maintainability, any project can grow in security, optimization and performance aspects.

Anyway, there are some tools that I could not leave behind like Git and VSCode editor with some crucial packages.

I'm living and working in Tavira, Portugal at local council, also creating web apps and giving support to desktop users.

Thanks for the visit! :)

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